Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Provide?

SEO Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Brand Development

Luxury Web Design, Professional Web Design

How does SEO marketing help businesses?

It puts you directly in the path of the people actively looking for a business that is exactly like yours. It opens up avenues for your audience to find you.

How do you use email marketing to build a brand?

The brand's life blood, after initial development, is in the direction the company grows and what the company does and the hype that a product launch or a desired service being added is what gives a brand its legitimacy. Email marketing keeps your audience engaged, excited, and keeps customers buying.

What are the benefits of creating luxury websites?

The First Impression. The ability to retain a visitor to the site and hold their attention. The high likelihood that that visitor tells people about your site. The sales. The design. The being proud of your business again part none of us ever seem to come by.

How do you create a website tailored to a company's needs?

We learn about your company and we genuinely care. It becomes less like marketing 'your' company and more like marketing 'our' company. Collaboration in mixing your expertise and our expertise and fusing them together.

What is the process of getting a website created?

The initial interview where we either meet or talk on the phone or a zoom call. We learn about you while you learn about what we have in mind. The research stage comes next and that is where we learn about your company more, the industry, your audience, your competition. Next is the wireframe (blueprints) of the site presentation. Then is the design and then present rough draft and rinse and repeat until we land on the final product. My development team adds and fine-tunes the code. Then we host it on our hosting. Then we launch. Then we optimize.

How long does the website creation process take?

Case by case basis... every timeline is different. That's just how collaboration works. the range is anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks.

What platforms do you use to create websites?

A lot haha

How do you use your expertise in SEO to help businesses?

We use thorough market research mixed with scientific data mixed with psychology to create our SEO campaigns.

How do you ensure that websites are optimised for search engines?

There is no guarantee in marketing, period. We are confident in our abilities because when we do fail, and it does happen, we learn from those mistakes and we take that very seriously. The same mistakes don't happen twice with us.

What is your experience in email marketing?

Extensive and parallel with experience as a copywriter.

What strategies do you use to ensure that email campaigns are successful?

copywriting tactics and methods. purpose driven layout designs.

How do you make sure that websites are user-friendly?

Making sure they work across all different screens and devices the same (which is called making a relative design. Fun fact for ya)

Making the call to actions clear, the copy simple, and the speed and functionality perfect.

How do you ensure websites are secure?

SSL certificates on every site and domain, then the coders take over and enhance every aspect of the website and its security.

What sets your website creation services apart from other businesses?

I can only speak from my perspective, but I would say the creative aspect mixed with the problem/solving pressure and the intense feeling of accomplishment when you succeed for a business owner. Then watching said businesses grow and knowing you had a major hand in that.